21 Aug 2014

Senior Seminar

Full title: Intellectual Responsibility in a Complex World
Course number: USR4002A
University/Department: NUS, USP
Offered: Spring 2015 (1 section), Fall 2015 (1 section).

“Intellectual Responsibility in a Complex World” is the official title of USP’s Senior Seminar, our new capstone course. It is a required course for any student entering USP in or after the fall of 2012. The course is taught using a thematic topic to emphasize different perspectives. To this end, it is deliberately team-taught by instructors with different backgrounds, with each discussing how the theme appears in topics from his or her field.

  • Spring 2015: My co-instructors are Mark Brantner, a rhetorician, and Mabel Wong, a political theorist.
  • Fall 2015: My co-instructors are Jeremy Arnold, a political theorist, and Peter Vail, an anthropologist.

My Spring 2015 co-instructors and I have also done some pedagogical work related to this course, which you can read about here.