About USP

I am currently Lecturer in the University Scholars Programme (USP). USP is the multidisciplinary honors college at the National University of Singapore (NUS). USP admits around 200 students each year, concurrent with the students’ admission to a “home department” within NUS at large.

USP does not grant degrees, as it is a program, not a department. Instead, students receive a certificate of completion upon graduation. To complete the program, a USP student must:

  1. Satisfy the degree requirements of his or her home department (i.e., major)
  2. Maintain a high enough GPA to qualify for honors
  3. Satisfy our program’s requirements by taking 12 classes, offered through USP: 3 compulsory intro courses, 8 upper-level courses (4 from the humanities, 4 from the sciences), and our sole compulsory capstone course.